SGS 2018 GaLA Comp Winners!

The 2018 GaLA SG Comp announces 5 winners!

In the Academy category:
1- Navigo by the iRead Project!
2- uManager by the Institute for Educational Technology, National Research Council of Italy!

In the Business category:
1- Resusitation Game by i-maginary!
2- Lost Earth 2307 by Fraunhofer IOSB!

League of Lasers by TUDelft won the special jury prize for it’s innovative Human Computer Interaction

All games will be awarded at Museo Riso, in Palermo, on Thursday Dec. 6th afternoon!

Thanks to our great jury, lead by Iza Marfisi Schottman!

The jury: Nour El Mawas, Giovanni, Romagnoli, George Lepouras, Mathieu Vermeulen, Sébastien George, Pierre Laforcade, Yann Walkowiak, Youness Laghouaouta, Vincent Bettenfeld, Guillaume Loup and Quentin Couland.

More info on the 2018 GaLA SG Comp