Demonstrations play an important part at the GALA conference 2018. They are forums for showcasing and disseminating results relating to the design, development, use and evaluation of Serious Games. They offer conference participants possibilities to explore, test and discuss different Serious Games of a specific domain or on a specific topic. They are thus not necessarily scientifically/academically driven and are expected to involve and attract industry partners at least partly.

The main demonstration slot will be on Thursday, Dec. 6, in the afternoon. This will be a part of the public event in order to reach a larger audience including schools interested in using games, but not participating in the conference).

In order to also support a more interactive discussion on game applications presented in the scientific tracks, there will also be an opportunity for the conference to show games during the Coffee and Lunch breaks on December 5 and 7.

Here the list of the participant to the GaLA 2018 Demo Session!!


Blanket heavy with nightmares

Book Runner

Gamelab math game service

League of Lasers

Lost Earth 2307




OneUp Learning_Last

Resuscitation Game


Svoboda 1945



The Demo chair

Prof. Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge  <jmbh at>

Photos by Diogo Rato, Gala Conf 2017, Lisboa