GALA 2021 – Partners and Sponsor


Serious Games Society (SGS) was born from the GALA Network of Excellence, a multidisciplinary consortium of 30 partners from all over the EU. It aims to be a reference point for the scientific and technical community, being recognized for its contribution at scientific, technological and professional level.

The Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) is an executive body of NATO’s Science and Technology Organization (STO).   CMRE is an established, world-class scientific research and experimentation facility that organises and conducts scientific  research and technology development, centred on the maritime domain, delivering innovative and field tested Science & Technology (S&T) solutions to address defence and security needs of the Alliance. 

Conference and competition platinum sponsor

The Center for Advanced Pathogen Threat and Response Simulation (CAPTRS) is revolutionizing the science of preparing for future pathogen threats. Leveraging troves of interdisciplinary knowledge and vast computing resources, CAPTRS is charting the universe of possible threats to elucidate complex interdependencies of our biological, social, economic, environmental and global systems and to ensure robust playbooks, resilient infrastructure and capable leaders.

To overcome the collective failure of imagination that has plagued the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CAPTRS aims to anticipate many potential threats and robust responses to them by:

  • breaking disciplinary silos across sciences, social sciences, health and engineering
  • leveraging AI to synthesize pathogen threat scenarios far beyond our common lexicon
  • harnessing complex systems science to find robust and adaptive counterstrategies
  • using wargaming science to translate theoretical insight into real-world preparedness