GALA conf SG Awards 2017

The European Serious Games Award aims to celebrate the best games for learning in Europe. Organized by the SGS as friendly game contest, the awards are based on an analysis of game entries by selected experts of the SGS.

In 2017, the European Serious Games Awards are conferred in two categories with a specific topic:

  1. Submissions for the Academy category (serious games designed and produced in a scientific and research environment) will be analyzed on a set of general criteria  with particular attention to innovative human-computer and research based mechanics. The rapid development and uptake of new technologies (like VR; AR, sensoring systems etc..), as well as the development of  games and learning analytics related to system feedback and response open up new possibilities for using innovative HCI for improving the engagement of players within several domains. Criteria include the possibility of interaction, the adaptability of the HCI for specific needs/customization, accessibility, user centered design, the ease of use.
  2. Submissions for the Business category (serious games designed and produced by a professional game studios) will be analyzed on a set of general criteria, with particular attention to interoperability, as it is a main requirement for a sustainable approach towards the professional development of SGs. Criteria include availability for desktop and mobile, the compatibility with operating systems (Linux, Windows, IOS) and browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari). Due to the fast technological changes in hardware and software as well as the large numbers of available consoles, etc., interoperability is a key success-factor for small game developing companies for reaching critical mass & return-on investment as well as sustainable development fostering reuse of components.


The jury is composed by highly qualified researchers and SG professionals (to be published soon).

For the submission of games please follow the submission instructions.

Deadline: September 22, 2017 September 29, 2017