For the GALA 2019 conference, we are very happy to announce our 2 keynote speakers. More details will be coming soon!

Maria Roussou


Sander Bakkes

_MG_3373_croppedSander Bakkes is an Assistant Professor at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He is a leading contributor to the emerging field of ‘Personalised Gaming’. In the field, (psychologically-verified) user models are utilised to automatically generate a personal and meaningful user experience. In previous work, Dr. Bakkes investigated procedural content generation, player behavioural modelling, and adaptive video game artificial intelligence (AI), on which he authored over 50 publications for leading scientific journals, peer-reviewed international conferences, popular media, and a seminal book series. His article ‘Rapid Adaptation of Video Games AI’ has received the Award for Best Paper at the 9th International Conference on Intelligent Games and Simulation.