The GALA Competition aims at celebrating excellence and innovation in serious games through a friendly game contest.

GALA 2021 Competition theme:
Crisis management, emergency response and pandemic games

This year’s competition will focus on crisis management, emergency response and pandemic games. These are powerful tools to tackle the uncertainty and complexity related to the above-mentioned issues. Moreover, they can be used at local, regional, national and international level to support preparedness and response activities. In fact, these games can be used as a means to perform several activities, which include but are not limited to:

  • development and testing of response plans
  • training and rehearsal of such response plans
  • rehearsal and analysis of organisational processes
  • understanding of stakeholder relationships
  • building a shared understanding of the problem.

Submissions in line with other topics relevant to the GALA Conference are welcome.


The submissions to the GALA 2021 Competition will be reviewed by a jury of established Serious Game designers and researchers. Games will be evaluated on the basis of their originality and innovativeness, both from the perspective of the technical development and the proposed approach to meet the game objectives (i.e., learning, communication and research).

The best Serious Games will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Academic: Serious Games that have been designed and produced in a research laboratory
  • Business: Serious Games that have been designed and produced by a company
  • Student: Serious Games that have been designed and produced by Master students or lower degree

The winners will be invited to present their Serious Games at the GALA 2021 Exhibition.


Game Submissions: 5 September 2021


Games have to be submitted through the competition submission system.

Each submission has to include:

  • A description of the game
  • A link to a video (5 minutes) which clearly shows the process of the game
  • A link to three pictures of the game
  • A link for downloading or playing online the game

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For further information, please contact Dr Francesca de Rosa  <>